That Holiday Feeling

I’m currently sat on a bus, which is taking me to St Andrews for my yearly holiday with my family. I have been particularly anxious today and have felt my jaw clenching quite often; however, since I got on this bus, I have been gradually feeling better. More calm and more relaxed. I genuinely feel like this is because I am on my way to one of my favourite places on this Earth and I know that I will soon have my feet up, without a care in the world.


There is just something so unique about this feeling that I get when I am going on holiday to St Andrews. I love this feeling. There are very few things about which I get excited but I am defnitely excited about this. Not just excited but also content. A feeling of familiarity.


This is also one of the few times that my whole family gets together and spends an extended period of time in one house, enjoying each other’s company and doing our own thing as we please but always coming back together for dinner and days out. This is a genuinely precious time for me and I want to savour every moment.


Love and Peace

3 thoughts on “That Holiday Feeling

  1. Dalriada Highlander says:

    The first time I took my partner on a trip away; we went to St Andrews. We’re both animal lovers, and so I’d booked us both to feed Meerkats at the St Andrews Aquarium. Strange that Meerkats are in an aquarium, but they are.
    I had held my hands over her eyes when we got on the bus, so she didn’t actually know where we were going. As we neared St Andrews, she exclaimed, “Are we going to St Andrews!?”

    She was so excited, and I could see it in her eyes. I’d never been to St Andrews before, I only arranged the trip for the Meerkats. Little did I know she used to holiday there with her family as a kid, and as far as I know now it is a magical place for her, with so many fond memories.

    She now has one more, of that trip we spent together. We both do. St Andrews now holds a special place in my heart too.

    I hope you have a fantastic trip and take some well deserved time off. Let go of any stress, you’re on your way to relaxation and good times.


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    1. hadunkan says:

      That was a lovely thing for you to do! I hope you have been back again. If not, you should go. St Andrews holds a very special place in my heart, as it is where my family has spent our holidays for as long as I can remember. I am loving my time here and can honestly say I have let go of my stresses.

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