Tales of A Bearded Man is a blog about a man. A man with a beard, who is struggling with his mental health on a daily basis. My intention for this blog, first and foremost, is to use it as a platform for expressing my thoughts and feelings around my mental health journey, as this helps me to put them into perspective and it is a form of release. It helps me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The main, long term goal, however, is to increase awareness of mental health issues and disorders and to fight the stigma surrounding it all. My hope is that, by writing about my own struggles in a raw and uncensored fashion, I might encourage other people to do the same or at least to come out and talk about their struggles full stop.


I am always here for people who are struggling so if any of my content has moved you to speak up but you don’t know who to go to, please go to the Contact section and send me an email. I will get back to you and chat with you. Along the same vein, if you merely want to send me some feedback, you can also get in touch using the same method.


Love and Peace


Tales of a Beard